Intuit 2 Arts
Handmade Items. Felted Accessories. Puppets. Props. Performances. Workshops.

Robin Hillary McCahill has been making things ever since she can remember.

Her work is available at select shops and art centers or by contacting her directly. She also designs and builds props and puppets for performers as well as performing herself. She creates wearable art and home decor. Robin is available as a personal wardrobe consultant and can help you transform and update your current stock and help you maximize your personal style and presentation.

She also teachers art in libraries, schools, colleges, art centers, re-hab centers, and at her studio. She is available for workshops and private lessons.

Most of Robin's work is sculptural in nature. Her favorite medium is wool.

Felting has been an intriguing force that turned to passion and has enabled Robin to explore two and three dimensional aspects of its qualities.

Hand made felt always turns up somewhere no matter what the project.

Though not solely a fiber artist you will find her work to have textural qualities that often refer to fiber textures or embody them.

Intuit Bike Fit is another business conceived and operated by Robin. She is a fitting consultant and specialist who will work with you to find your unique positioning on your bicycle to optimize comfort and performance. Special needs and issues are her specialty. Working with Frame builders to create a custom fit bike is always an option as well. 

Please enjoy viewing some samples