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The Snow Queen a one hour Puppet Show incorporating many styles of

puppets including hand and rod, bun-raku, marionette and hand puppet. The show is adapted from Hans Christian Anderson's tale. The story follows the

adventures of a young woman who searches for her lost friend and the

challenges she faces to bring him home.


Caws For Re-Cycling (a Crow's Cacauphony)  A Puppet Show  Approximately 1/2 hour

including audience participation and involvement. This performance piece was

developed for Nature Day and encourages re-cycling and re-purposing as well

as creativity. The Crow finds Cast off "stuff" and transports it to his "place" and turns everything into musical instruments. The audience is then called up to

continue the re-purposing and making of sounds and music with all sorts of

items. Fun but noisy!

 The Princess and the Pea    A puppet show developed for quick set up at parties and other venues. Adapted from Hans Christian Andersen's tale and re-told with some creative liberties. The show includes some audience interaction as well and runs 20 to 30 minutes. It is performed with table top puppets and props and a razor scooter.